New York Mets v. Yankees, Billy Joel/Elton John and other Mets Game Tickets

Introduction: Welcome to my world of co-dependence. I am an avid sports fan, who purchases many, many tickets to sporting events (I share a sunday plan for the Mets, and have Rangers season ticket. I'm also trying to get Jets season tickets). Since I can't afford to go to all of the games, I try to sell a couple of tickets, always abiding by the legal limits on how much one can charge for tickets. I also happen to have purhcased some Billy Joel/Elton John tickets for me and my friends, but have subsequently gotten tickets that to a concert that is on a more convenient date for us. WHEREFORE: I am trying to sell off some of my Mets sunday plan tickets, in a packaged deal with either a pair of extra Mets/Yankees tickets I have for the Sunday game at Yankee Stadium, or with the Billy Joel tickets. The general idea is that for each pair of Mets Sunday plan tickets you purhcase, you may purchase a pair of the Yankees/Mets tickets or Billy Joel/Elton John tickets. Anyway, here are the details:

The Deal

The Mets Sunday Tickets: The Mets Sunday tickets are in box 715. The available games are listed at the end of this page. The tickets are $23 face value. Per New York State Law, I charge only $5 over face value, which means the tickets are $28 each. Plus, for each pair of tickets you take, you may purhcase one of the Mets/Yanks tickets described below, or a pair of Billy Joel/Elton John tickets. Here is a stadium map which describes where these seats are:

The Yankees/Mets Tickets: I have one pair of tikets to the Yankees/Mets game at Yankee Statdium on Sunday June 30, 2002 at 8:05 PM. The tickets are located at Tier reserve section 16 row B. They are a face value of $17. Packaged with a pair of my Mets Sunday tickets, the two pairs of tickets are thus a value of $80. In deference to New York State law, I am selling these tickets at $5 over face value, which is a combined total of $100 for the two pairs of tickets. Here is a stadium map indicating seat location for the Yanks/Mets game:

Billy Joel/Elton John Tickets: I have 8 tickets to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert at the Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday September 25, 2002 at 7:30 PM. The tickets say they are for Wednesday, March 20, 2002, but that concert was rescheduled for health reasons (see The tickets I have are in section 309. I have a pair in row G, a pair in row J, and 4 together in row K (seats distributed on first-come, first-serve basis). These are certainly not the best in the house, but the Coliseum is very well designed, and is a small stadium. They say that there is no such thing as a bad seat in the stadium (perhaps behind the stage would be bad, but these seats are not behind the stage). The tickets are an $85 face value. New York allows charging the greater of $5 or 20% over the face value, meaning that I can ask for up to $17 over face value. I'm rounding that off to $15, meaning a pair of tickets here will cost you pay $200 per pair of tickets. Please note that since I paid ticketmaster fees etc, I am not making a profit from selling these tickets. Together with the pair of Mets Sunday tickets, the total comes to $256. Here is a stadium map indicating seat location for the concert:

How to purchase tickets: If you are interested in tickets, pelase e-mail me at Please let me know which game you would like in addition to the Mets/Yankees game. We will then arrange for you to pay, and for me to send the tickets to you. Generally, people send me a check or e-mail me money from paypal (sorry, no credit card payments, paypal payments must be from funds you have in your account or bring in from your checking account) in advance, and then I send them the tickets. Otherwise, you are welcome to request a COD.

Shipping: All shipping is done at cost. Generally, I use priority mail with delivery confirmation, which costs $3.90. Upon request I will use FEDEX and UPS, and am happy to use other shipping methods upon request (method must include some form of delivery confirmation). Where possible, I can charge the FEDEX or UPS to your account or credit card.

Other Sunday Games Available: These are the other Sunday games available, along with the number of tickets available for the given game. Note: All games are on Sunday and scheduled to begin at 1:10PM.

DateOpponentNumber of tickets AvailableComments
6/23/02Kansas City Royals4Kids' Jersey Day (First 12,000 Kids 12 & Under)
7/14/02Philadelphia Phillies4Robbie Alomar Bobblehead Day (First 12,000 Kids 12 & Under)
8/18/02Los Angeles Dodgers2Hall of Fame Induction (First 40,000 fans, but I'm not sure exactly what they get)
9/1/02Philadelphia Phillies4Back-to-School Binder Day (First 12,000 Kids 12 & Under)
9/22/02Montreal Expos4Lunchbox Day (First 12,000 Kids 12 & Under)
9/29/02Atlanta Braves2Fan Appreciation day

Join my ticket e-mail list: Would you like to be informed when I have other tickets available? I often have extra tickets to New York area sporting events, including playoff and world series tickets. I am not a broker. Rather, I am an avid fan who has season tickets and min-plans, and who is always looking for tickets to games. When I have extra tickets, I always sell them at prices that are within the legal limits (usually, to be on the safe side I stick with $5 over face value). If you would like to be informed when I have tickets available, please join my e-mail list by sending an e-mail to If you experience difficulty, please e-mail me and ask me to put you on the list.